Friday, October 12, 2007

Friday Off

I drove Matt home from his endoscopy today. They're going to put him on Prevacid and repeat the procedure in a year to see if it's getting better or worse. I can't help but feel like I'm contributing in some way to it though, because I get home so late every day and we usually don't eat until after 8pm.

Before they let me take him home, I had to sign a paper saying I wouldn't let him drive or sign any legal documents for the next 24 hours. Darn, there goes my plan to get all of our money and property in my name! I keeed.

A bit early for Dios de la Muerte, but how does it feel to die? Creepy if you ask me.

Is it moral to kill 19 suspected terrorists, if doing so also kills 15 civilians (including 9 children)? Immanuel Kant would say no, John Mill would say yes.

Oh, and my copy of the latest PostSecret book came today...I love it!

Now that the weather seems to have righted itself, I switched out the halves of my closet. I culled 4 shirts from the short-sleeve side and put another 3 into the lounging/PJ section. I also decided to separate my 3/4 sleeve shirts from the long sleeve shirts, because the LS section was getting pretty crowded (i.e. things were coming out of the closet wrinkled because there's not enough space for them to hang properly). I know, I have too many clothes. I miss my walk-in closet :-(

Dinner at Ruth's Chris tomorrow! Mmmm steak...I can't wait!

Another thing I can't wait for...lasik. My contacts are so freaking expensive, as was evident yesterday when I ordered them. Almost $300 even after the discounts. Bleh.

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