Saturday, October 13, 2007

Kevin Riley, you are dead to me

It was very, very simple. All you had to do was either pass the ball into the end zone, or get it out of bounds. You had practically guaranteed OT with your field goal kicker. Trying to scamper the ball yourself as the clock ran out was NOT an option. IDIOT. I hope the coach makes you cry like a baby in the locker room.

Two weeks in a row that I haven't gotten my #10 pick. Ugh. Damn you, Matt McHugh and your coin flips! I may or may not win week seven, but regardless of the outcome of the Colorado-Kansas State game, I'll at least keep my overall lead. It's just a question of whether it's a 6-point lead or a 20-point lead. Though it was a comforting thing to hear that Kansas State is 10-0 when leading at the half.

This has just been the craziest football season ever. I don't think I had anything lower than mid-30s last year, and that was only two weeks - one of which I had to make picks first thing Monday and couldn't modify them later in the week because European internet access is too freaking expensive. This season, I've had two (and possibly three) 29-point weeks.


Dinner was fantastic! Crabcakes, caesar salad, steaks, home-fried potatoes, mushrooms, and creme brulee. Yum-my.

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