Monday, October 01, 2007

Monday, Monday

So good to me? Well, I'm not sure.

I think I might have sprained a finger this morning. We have an ice machine for the floor (for research purposes, not for human consumption). I was getting a bucket of ice and when I reached over to close the door it fell onto my finger and caught the first knuckle of my middle finger. Ouch. As Nick only half jokingly said when I told him what happened,"At least you were within easy access of ice." No kidding, I stuck my hand in my bucket immediately but it still hurts on the joint.

I called the Ford service center about my car this morning; they said they hadn't started the repairs yet because the insurance company wanted more pictures (?) so they sent those over on Friday and they're still waiting for the go-ahead to get started. And they told me that the repairs would take about three weeks to complete. I think it's hilarious that Nationwide initially authorized my rental car for 10 days "based on the amount of time it is estimated to repair your car." Yeah, that was before they saw $5K in damages. Sigh.

I am all caught up on my class reading finally. It's pretty interesting. And I got a chance to talk to one of my classmates today; she is already a patent examiner and is getting ready for law school. She said that HR at the PTO takes a really long time to get their act together so I should put in my application as soon as possible. I decided that I'm going to submit it after my next committee meeting in January, as I think I'll have a little more firm grasp on when I'll actually be finishing then.

Upset Saturday - crazy! I was especially mad at Texas (20-point loss??) and Oregon (fumbling the ball inches before the goal line??) But yay to Wisconsin, and I suppose to USC for managing their win (a little too close for comfort at the end though) despite something like 160 yards in penalties. Wisconsin-Michigan State = a fight on field, and over 1000 yards combined total offense...good stuff. Despite only getting 4 correct picks, I still managed to hold on to first place in my group and extend my lead to 8 points over second place (Sarah).

I'm doing a college fair in Frederick on Wednesday evening.

My snowman shirt finally came in on Saturday! I'm wearing it right now, actually :-)

Another month done. Geez.

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