Wednesday, October 03, 2007


After finding out that *yet another* person I know is pregnant:
Me: Geez, what the hell is in the water?
Matt: Babies?
Me: I think I'd see that in the tap...
Matt: That's how they get in your tummy, right? Good thing we have a Brita filter.


Something else I learned the hard way - don't reach into the dryer while the barrel is still moving. I tried to grab a shirt out and one of the "paddles" on the inside caught under my arm and smashed it up into the top edge of the dryer. Now I have an awesome, *extremely* sore bruise on my arm.

I got all my stuff from Old Navy yesterday and today. The coat is gorgeous. I can't wait for cooler weather now. I ended up buying one of those external clothes racks to get my skirts hung up (instead of stuffed under a pile of pants). I think I need a shopping hiatus until I make more room in my closet. I did the twist-tie thing, like where you turn your hangers one way, and then as you wear and wash stuff you put it back on hangers facing the other way. But I need all my hangers facing the same way (AR, I know), so I put twist ties on all the hangers and then took them off as I took clothes off the hangers. The summer season is almost over, and there's at least half a dozen shirts that I didn't wear in the last 6 months. I love switching out my closet for the seasons. Although I wish I still had my walk-in closet so I didn't have to move stuff around twice a year!

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