Sunday, October 07, 2007

Wrapping up another Saturday


That's really my only complaint about this week. Yeah, I didn't get points for Georgia or Wisconsin, but they were playing decent teams. But there is absolutely no excuse for Miami to lose to the second worst team in the ACC. AND it cost me 10 points. Lame.

But all three of my picks that went against the ESPN majority paid off!

I think Missouri's got their game in the bag, so I'm going to go ahead and call 36 points for this week. Not my best, but certainly better than the last two weeks. VT's defense/special teams totally ran all over Clemson...there were 29 points on the board (24 of them Hokie points) before the first offensive touchdown was scored late in the second quarter. And how about that LSU game? I initially didn't want to switch to it when the Ohio State game got boring, when LSU was down by 10 points, because I thought it would only make me mad. But ooh boy. LSU was 5-5 on 4th down conversions in crazy risky spots. But when that last Florida hail mary pass was batted down in the endzone, I jumped so high my knuckles hit the ceiling. Not that that's very hard to do in our place, but still.

Matt McHugh is going to move into second place, but my lead has stretched to 14 points, yay! I don't know where my overall ranking will end up for this week, but I'm in the mid-6000s at the moment.

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