Saturday, November 24, 2007

Do you have a flag?

Matt: Sacked! Not as good as sex.
Me: I think that would be a flag.
Matt: You're probably right.
Me: Unsportsmanlike conduct...don't you just hate it when you tackle a guy and he sticks it in your pooper?


Tomorrow's the last week of College Pick'em. I already have a 35 point lead over second place, so I'm not really worried about winning in my group. But I'm at 3339th place, and it sure would be nice to break into the top 3000.

Oh, and I have a bet with Jason on the VT-UVA game...loser has to wear the opposing team's t-shirt :-) We watched a good bit of the LSU-Arkansas game earlier today after we got back from the Norman Rockwell Museum, and are watching the Hawaii-Boise State game right now. Good stuff so far!

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