Saturday, November 24, 2007

Lucky Lucky Lucky

So, we decided to avoid I-95 like the plague and took 83 up to 78 across PA and then 87 north to Albany to get into Massachusetts from the west side. It worked out really well for us both coming and going - just a couple slow-downs of less than 10 minutes each on the way up and absolutely no problems on the way home. But we were incredibly lucky on Wednesday timing-wise. You might have heard about the fatal accident on I-78 Wednesday morning. A car traveling westbound crossed the median and hit a flatbed trailer carrying cement bags; the trailer rolled and blocked the eastbound lanes for over 6 hours (and slowed the westbound lanes with looky-loos for about the same length of time). This apparently happened less than 10 minutes before we went through - so we were at the front end of the traffic jam instead of farther back. Also, we were in the stretch of cars that was able to get off at the exit ramp immediately before the road blockage and just drive across the overpass to the highway on the other side. They later closed the road completely and detoured people off onto side roads. So, very lucky that we came through early enough to not be slowed much but also to not have been involved in the incident itself.

Thanksgiving was great, Massachusetts was great, and Hokie Football was awesome. We set up the DVR to record the game and watched it when we got home; fast-forwarding through commercials, timeouts and halftime got us to the end of the game in less than two hours. And what a sweet, sweet ending.

But I felt so sad for Kansas :-(

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