Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Practically done

Cards mailed. Packages shipped. Shopping done (still waiting for two things to be delivered). Cookies baked. Tree up. House (mostly) cleaned and decorated. Gifts made.

I did not attend a single Christmas party this year.

And of course, with perfect timing, I've got another neck spasm. Sigh. This one is weird though; normally it's on one side and it affects me turning my head. This time, it's in the back center - I can turn my head just fine, but I can't tilt it back very far, and if I'm lying on my stomach (which I often do at night) it hurts to lift my head to turn from one side to the other. I woke up a lot last night :-/

An-y-way. Not much else going on; work's been a bit slow because the holidays are coming up and it's hard to start and stop things abruptly.

I've been reading a lot of financial articles lately; I have some future plans in my head; all we need now is the money! Stupid grad school.

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