Saturday, December 08, 2007

Simply having a wonderful saturday

Apologies to Paul McCartney. Anyway, I had my orientation session at Recording For the Blind and Dyslexic this morning. It looks like a pretty neat opportunity - I'd be recording science textbooks for people with disabilities to use in their classes. I got a tour and such and then spent a while listening in on a guy that was recording, and following along in the textbook so I could see how the books are marked up and such. As luck would have it, he was recording a chapter on the male and female reproductive systems. And old enough to be my grandfather. Slightly awkward. But anyway, I start on January 5th...I'll do Saturday sessions until I (hopefully) get a job in DC and then switch to an evening session that I can do on my way home from work (their studio is right across the street from a red line metro stop).

I just read that Hopkins is offering a second section of the class I wanted to take online! That makes me really happy. It's on Product Development, and would be the last elective for me to count towards a certificate. Then I'd just have to take two required core classes, which have been really hard for me to get into - I haven't had any luck so far with those, because everyone and their uncle has to take them and I don't have registration priority. But I've been debating whether or not to try to register for one anyways (either a marketing or finance class); the pro is that it's not online so it might be slightly less popular, and the con is that it's not online so I'd actually have to show up for a class at the Montgomery County campus once a week. I'm still undecided. The rational part of me says "You won't have much more opportunity to take classes for free, so you should take advantage of everything you can now." The other part of me says "I'm tired of taking classes, think of all the other things I could be doing with that time." We'll see who wins. The other thing I'm worried about is that I'll register for one and it will fill up but the other one won't. And I think attempting to register for three classes at once might raise some red flags.

We're going to Dave and Buster's for Matt Green's birthday tonight. We've never been before, but it should be interesting. It's like a grown-up Chuck E Cheese's; as long as they have skeeball I'm happy.

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