Sunday, January 20, 2008

Craaaaaziest ending ever

So, that was the first NFL overtime I think I've seen. I had no idea that NFL overtime was sudden death. That seemed a bit unfair to me (having the outcome of the game basically riding on a coin-flip) but I did read a statistic that less than 40% of teams that win the coin flip win on the first possession. Anyway - crazy crazy. Green Bay wins the toss, throws an interception. Giants move the ball down the field a bit, and the FG kicker (who had missed the previous two kicks from closer in) nails a 47-yarder for the win. Nuts. And apparently Eli Manning's superstition was correct - every time his fiancee watched a game from the suite, the Giants lost. He made her sit in the stands even though it was below freezing.

Oh, and there were these three crazy chicks in Green Bay bikini tops. Did I mention it was way below freezing? That's pretty hardcore.


Anonymous said...

Did you catch him looking for her in section 101 after the game. That was a good game. I think that NY is probably better than we all gave them credit for, but really just find a way to win.

I saw the bikini girls too. It was -24 w/ wind chill. I don't see how they do that stuff. Here's the pic I see a lot from last week's game.

Hey I didn't know this but these girls are regulars and on the GB site.

see here


Courtney said...

Yeah, I did see Eli looking for her after the game. Too funny. And apparently those girls are all related.