Thursday, January 31, 2008


a bunch
of people
that agree with me
that getting
a huge refund
is not a great idea.

(Next thing I know, someone's going to try to tell me that the Virginia Lottery is a great retirement investment, Option ARMs are the best thing since sliced bread, and buying a hybrid vehicle saves you money!)


Ryan said...


You Make Me Peeved said...

Wow, who knew you had so many references which agree with you?!

However, as usual, you've missed the point entirely. I'm not condescending enough to say that purposely lowering your projected tax refund is a bad idea. What I'm deriding is your attitude that anyone who doesn't is obviously wrong.

It's interesting to see that the majority of sources you linked to agree with your ham-handed approach to tax refunds. What's even more interesting is that pretty much all of the articles are written by people who have a vested interest in financial services companies. Companies that really want Americans to save their refunds. That way, they can manage more of their financial assets and make more money on them. Way to drink the Kool-Aid.

Here are some 'contrarian' articles I managed to find that support the way that I, and consequently, MOST of the people I know handle their taxes:

Consider yourself pwned.

Courtney said...

Your first and third links say, respectively, that getting a big tax refund is "a poor choice" and "financially stupid." The second doesn't say anything except that a lot of people do it and what they use their refund for.

Just because a lot of people do something doesn't make it "right," and just because you don't like me or my opinion (if you can even call it an opinion) doesn't make me "wrong." Automatically taking the money out each paycheck and having it deposited into a savings account is doing the *exact* same thing that the government is doing, minus the interest the banks will pay *you* - and if you need new tires for your car, or need to pay a hospital bill, the IRS sure isn't going to give you an advance.

And by the way, whatever do you mean by "However, as usual..."? Surely you've only known me for three days, right? At least that's what my Sitemeter tells me.

Courtney said...

Three other things - I commend you for at least recognizing that it's your money, unlike all the people who get a refund and say "Cool, free money! I beat the government!" Second, if saving money is drinking the Kool-Aid, why are you saving your tax refund? And third, pointing out that getting a big tax refund is a bad idea was only tangential to the point of the post that got you so incensed anyways. I couldn't care less what people do with their taxes. I was simply pointing out that a LOT of people are misusing the terms return, refund and rebate, because they all have different meanings.