Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Getting better

Espresso Machine, Day 2: "Perhaps we don't need QUITE that much espresso..."

I decided to stick with the cinnamon dolce latte attempt for today. I used a bit less espresso in the filter, and stopped brewing halfway between the 1 and 2 mark (note to self, those are 1 and 2 SERVINGS, not 1 and 2 ounces). I still ended up with a little over the 2 mark, but I poured a bit out to get it back in between the 1 and 2 mark - giving me roughly 2.5-3 ounces of espresso, instead of what was probably 6 or 7 yesterday. No I didn't drink the entire thing yesterday. I steamed the milk for a full minute too, and strangely there was no steam left when I was done. Shrugs. When I poured everything into the mug, it came to the perfect level (just enough room for whipped cream) and the milk was foamier this time as well. Result? A MUCH more drinkable beverage than yesterday. And I didn't need to add more syrup because I could actually taste it today instead of having it overpowered by the coffee. Fairly Yum.

So now I can't wait for Tuesday so I can redo our budget numbers. We upped Matt's retirement contribution by a percent, and we'll have some wiggle room to allocate more money towards gas since it's projected to be $3.50/gallon by summer. I cannot WAIT to stop commuting 500 miles a week and getting gas every other weekday.

I was thinking about opening a ShareBuilder account to start investing in some ETFs (Exchange-Traded Funds) but decided against it for now because we should max out our tax-advantaged accounts before we start investing in a taxable account. So that'll have to wait for a while.

Once we get my car paid off in March (and take care of a few small things like my car registration renewal and new tires for Matt's car and our vacation deposit) we should be in good shape for the rest of the year.

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