Friday, January 25, 2008

Six figures

If only I were talking about my income... :-/

So...that took 3 years, 8 months, and 26 days.

No, mom, I was not driving when I took that picture. I may have a Maryland driver's license, but I also have enough sense to turn onto a side road and pull over before I take a picture of my dashboard. Unlike 78.2%* of this state.

*Completely made-up statistic


Ryan said...

Wow! My 99 Integra is creeping up on that same milestone.

Carly said...

You definitely have to take another picture when you reach 123456. We have one of Eric's Tercel reaching that point. Those crazy Toyotas.

Courtney said...

Heh, that'll likely be before the end of the year, at the rate I'm going.

Toyotas (and Hondas) run forever! My parents had an 88 Chevy Nova, which was essentially a Toyota (same engine/design etc - it was some collaborative effort). It ran for like 10 years, and they only got rid of it because it was too expensive and time-consuming to find parts for it since 88 was the last year they had made the Nova. I was still driving my 91 Honda Civic 13 years later without any mechanical problems (the lack of AC was another story). I'm just hoping to get my car to run for another 4 years or so.

Matt Silverthorn said...

It's obvious that statistic is made up. It's way too low.