Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The trouble with grad school

The inherent problem with grad school, that most people don't seem to talk about, is that it takes people who are, by definition, high achievers and for whom success comes naturally. And then it puts those people in an environment where 95% of the time you fail, and hard work is not necessarily rewarded with success. It's a formula for misery from the start.


As an aside, I really don't understand how MSNBC et al "calls" political races. Barack Obama has a 2:1 lead in at least three states that are "too close to call" while Hillary Clinton has smaller leads in the same number of states (with similar precinct numbers) but she's already "won" them.

And what's with the unpledged "Super Delegates"?? Why should one person's vote count as much as an entire congressional district?

P.S. Looking at the exit polls for California, I find it amusing that among voters who didn't complete high school, Hillary Clinton overwhelmingly has their vote (80%).


Eric said...

if politics was just the issues, i wouldn't mind it. but it this kind of crap that kills my interest. if the news simply reported the news (the facts of the matter), then all would be well. but i'm certainly not getting my hopes up for that.

Courtney said...

Yeah, MD has closed primaries (meaning I can't vote next Tuesday because I'm not a registered Republican or Democrat) so I'm not getting too heavily invested in the race until after the nominees have been selected. But Hillary Clinton kind of scares me and I'd like to see her out of the race sooner rather than later. If I was going to vote next week, I'd vote for Obama.