Thursday, February 14, 2008

Realizing that you believed in you

Lost just keeps getting weirder and weirder. As do the Comcast commercials.

I'm going to South Carolina this weekend! I wasn't sure until about 5pm today, but I'm on track to get done what needs to be done before my committee meeting at the end of the month, so I feel okay leaving for a few days. I'll still be "working" though, on putting my presentation together and getting caught up on background literature. I have a lot of printing to do tomorrow!

The feds plan to cut the interest rate again next month. Aside from increasing the inflationary pressures, this does nothing but hurt me and Matt. We don't carry balances on credit cards, we don't have an ARM and aren't shopping for a mortgage/car loan. Every time they cut the rate it just decreases the return on our savings, bah.

We *almost* have the exemptions for our state taxes worked out. I think it's absurd that Matt has to take ELEVEN exemptions for us to get close to breaking even with the state of Maryland at tax time. Apparently at 14 your company has to send a form to the IRS saying it's okay for you to take that many and that you aren't under-withholding. Even thought technically you could severely under-withhold every other year because of the safe harbor provisions.

We're paying off my car in less than 3 weeks! And then Matt can finally buy the TV he's been drooling over for months. Although the whole flat-panel HDTV thing seems like a big racket to me. Apparently they have really crappy speakers because they have to smoosh everything into such a small space, so you gotta buy external speakers. And a regular DVD player trying to up-convert to a hi-def signal looks crappy, so you gotta get a hi-def DVD player. So basically buying just a flat-panel HDTV is a downgrade in everything but screen size?

Oh, and Happy Valentines Day to everyone! Hope you got some yummy chocolates or something. Matt got me a gift certificate towards a massage. I got him a nerf gun to take to the office.

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