Sunday, March 02, 2008

Rah rah weekend!

So...insanely stressful week is over. Had my thesis committee meeting, no one said "That's all you've done in the past 18 months??" and I should be on track to be Doctor by the end of the year.

In direct contrast to the first three days of this week (M-W), the last three days of the week (F-S) have been a billion times better! I decided to get my hair cut Friday, and went for the whole shampoo-cut-style instead of my usual $14 cut. It was totally worth it. And I got someone who actually knows how to cut long hair. We watched Jeff Dunham's Comedy Central special when I got home - you definitely need to check it out. There's good stuff on YouTube - like his bit with Achmed the Dead Terrorist. I want his DVD. Hilarious!

Saturday I went for a massage (my valentine's day gift) and then Matt and I went to Arlington to hang out with people for Nate's birthday. We played some pool, ate some food (really yummy cheese fries!) and then went back to Nate's condo for poker. Today I shopped online (Old Navy, Bath and Body Works and Burts Bees) and we're going to Ruth's Chris for dinner tonight. Because we paid off my car! Yummy yummy....steaks, sides, and creme brulee.

I HATE the commercial for the Domino's Brooklyn-style pizza. And as far as I can tell, the only thing different from regular pizza is that they only cut it into 6 slices instead of 8 or 10, so that they're "foldable."

Confused about the sub-prime mortgage mess? Let some stick figure guys explain it to you. Hilarious!


Eric said...

i think what really happened is that all the same jerks that were responsible for the dot-com bubble in the 90's got bored and created the sub-prime real estate bubble for this decade to choke on.

Eric said...

ps - i call those jerks "greedy americans"

Courtney said...

Well, I think you're partially right. A lot of it was crappy speculation by banks and investors. But there are also a lot of other factors, which is why there's no one simple fix for the problem. Some of it was investor speculation, some of it was lender fraud, some of it was banks' over-willingness to market exotic mortgages to far too many people, some of it was buyer panic, and some of it was greedy americans who said "why should I have to buy a 2100 sq.ft. 3BR house on a fixed rate mortgage when I can buy a 4000 sq.ft. 5BR house on an ARM for the same monthly payment?"

Courtney said...

And I think we're currently seeing the answer to the last question - when rates are at historic lows, where do you think they'll eventually go??