Sunday, April 20, 2008


Decent weekend. Worked on a class project and my review article. Recorded from an anthro book on Saturday. Went out to eat at the Cheesecake Factory Saturday night. Carly and Eric came over Sunday evening; we ordered calzones (yum) and watched The Usual Suspects and did NOT play tennis because of the stupid rain.

We were watching something (I think it was Seinfeld) and they mentioned philanthropy. It reminded me of one of my favorite Peanuts cartoons - Linus says "When I grow up, I want to be a philanthropist." Charlie Brown (or Lucy?) says "I think you need to be rich to be a philanthropist" and Linus replies, "Then I'll be a philanthropist with other people's money."

Go to, type in "find chuck norris" and hit the "I'm feeling lucky" button.

So this anthro book I've been reading from, there was an essay by a guy trying to draw comparisons between organisms and specialized cells, and societies and the roles of members within. And there was a footnote in the text: "Additionally, note that in Spencer's view men are superior to women. Men do the brain work; women are left with the industrial processes. Although in his early work Spencer had suggested radical female equality, he later reversed this position and suggested that the needs of reproduction arrested the mental evolution of females at an early age." Fortunately it was written a lot earlier than I had thought. I had incorrectly remembered 1940s, but it was actually written in 1860.

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Robyn said...

HAHAHA thanks for posting the Chuck Norris thing...that made my day!