Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Thirty is now The Forty

Today was my fortieth trip to Let's Dish. They thanked me with flowers and a $100 gift certificate!

I thought refusing a Facebook friend request was the ultimate intarweb insult. But oh no, apparently someone took it to the next level and DEFRIENDED me. Oh the humanity! *cries*

Ah, internet. Making passive aggressiveness that much more passive since 1983. :-)


Been a busy couple of weeks. Working on one paper and getting the last of the data for another. We've been/will be busy most weekends too. Steve was in town and we got together with people at Buca di Beppo (yum!) and then Carly's birthday was this past weekend - grilling, trivial pursuit, and karaoke! We're going to the Cheesecake Factory with Joel and Terri this weekend, and then it's like two weeks until Eddie Izzard and Allison's wedding. And then reunion, and then another wedding. Whew!

I canNOT wait until vacation. I started saving up to spend an afternoon here. Massage, pedicure and hair treatment? Yes please! I don't like their new website though :-/ They used to have a downloadable spa menu, and now it's only available smushed into a column one-fifth of the width of the website and you can't use arrow keys to scroll through it either! Somebody get these people a copy of Web Design 101.

Umm. New TV = check. New iPod transmitter (because someone swiped mine from my car, grr) = check. Matt bought and installed an external hard drive so we can back up all our junks. I'm getting ready to make another Old Navy order (natch) because I've finally gotten gift card rewards from two of my survey sites AND it's Stuff'N'Save time. This shirt is soo perfect for summer.

I do still want to review new albums. One of these days. I have a class project due soon and a final at the end of the month, so maybe after that.

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