Monday, May 05, 2008

Every little bit counts

It really does.

I've tried to be very deliberate about optimizing my mpg while driving. Now, I refuse to do the crazy stuff like driving 50mph on the interstate, "drafting" tractor trailers and taking exit ramps a 2x the recommended speed to conserve momentum. But I did implement a few changes.

I've slowed down about 5-8mph (though I refuse to drive below the speed limit, I've been sticking to 0-4mph over). I try to use cruise control at every possible moment. I've been shifting into neutral at lights, and turning off overdrive in traffic and in city driving (which provides "engine braking" and allows for smoother acceleration/deceleration).

I've improved my mpg from a previous average of 29-30 to 34.3 on my last tank. It might not seem like much to you, but I drive enough such that every 1mpg increase saves me about $10/month. At a time when I have to get gas every three days, gas prices are only going up (I heard on the radio today they expected a 5-10 cent increase every week for the rest of the month, which could put us over $4 by June) and we're spending as much on gas as we are on food, $40-50 a month adds up fast.

Speaking of food, I started shopping at Shoppers Food Warehouse instead of Giant because they are 5-15% cheaper. Being grown-up is hard.

We're still waiting for our bank account to be stimulated, since Matt's SSN sucks. UPDATE: Got our money from the gubmint, woohoo!


Anonymous said...

Reader's digest had a good article last month on Hypermilers - people who are fanatical about gas mileage. I got some good tips from them on squeezing out a few MPG. RD keeps a lot of stuff so you should be able to search on "hypermiler" and find it.


Courtney said...

I actually subscribe to RD and have read the article of which you speak. That one guy was crazy! An ice vest???

Triss Teh said...

Don't forget the .net.