Monday, May 26, 2008

Goings On!

1. 5-year reunion: in a word, awesome! We had, I think, 17 people come for the 5-year (which is pretty good I think). Went out to Macado's on Friday after the "official" stuff. Convocation on Saturday, the '08 giving total for all reunion classes was over $1.7M. SBC is incredible with giving, I think. I got elected class secretary for the next 5-year term. Cocktail buffet and dancing Saturday night, and then we painted the rock and hitching post and rang the bells in the bell tower. Pics here (almost all from Saturday night).

2. Nats Game: Matt's company gave him tickets to the Nats-Phillies game last Wednesday. They were awesome seats - first row of section 215, behind home plate. The new stadium is fantastic. The Nats were, well, lame. We left after the end of the 6th inning when they were down 12-0.

3. Wii Fit: came on Wednesday, but I only got to try a few things out because we didn't get back from the game until about 10:45. I gave it a more thorough workout today - running, step aerobics and hula hooping, some of the yoga poses, leg extensions and jackknifes. I was tired by the end! All in all it's really cool and I'm glad I pre-ordered, because it's hard to find everywhere right now.

4. Wedding #2: my uncle's, in NJ. Got to see a bunch of family that I don't get to see very often (my aunt/uncle and cousins from Chicago, my great aunt and my dad's cousins). The ceremony was outdoors at a really nice place, and nice and short. The reception was great - especially the food. I knew going in that the food was going to be really, really good (my uncle is quite the foodie, so to speak) but oh man, this was incredible. C&M pic #2:

I really need to get hubby another tie. But we do look fairly color-coordinated, which is nice :-)

Upcoming through June: A wine-tasting/networking event with Montgomery County biotech companies, hiking with Carly and Eric, Skinner and Shelly's wedding, Nicole and Mike's wedding, and our 5-year anniversary! We can finally open our time capsule that we got as a wedding gift. We also might be ARE going white-water rafting that day!

"Why I Blog" - courtesy of Schnozzfest, but likely broadly applicable. And darn funny to boot.

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