Thursday, May 15, 2008


For all the truckers that are "protesting" high diesel prices, I sure see a whole heck of a lot of tractor trailers passing me on the highway. Why don't you guys try driving the speed limit instead of whining about how much it costs you to fill up your tank?

The other thing I think is funny is the people like this who don't buy an entire tank of gas at a fillup, because they don't want to "have a big charge at one time." I believe gas prices have gone up about 8 cents a week for at least the past month or more, so buying two half tanks means you're paying more for the second half instead of buying a full tank at the lower price. Great math there.


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Anonymous said...

You're right. I tell my wife not to do that $5 her $5 there because like you said it's more expensive. At some point things will have to break. And I think it will be ugly. I'm starting to get concerned.