Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dumb and dumber (and dumberer)

Do you feel safer?

Later rescinded, but Yankee stadium attempted to ban people from bringing in bottles of sunblock. In the name of security. Oh, but you could buy a 1oz bottle of SPF 15 for $5. So those very fair people that start to burn after 4-5 minutes, would have to go through a bottle an hour - upwards of $20 for an average game. As if the Yankees didn't suck enough already.

TSA administrator Kip Hawley, talking about a new training effort starting this September:
TSA has screened 3.5 billion passengers since the start-up of the agency, Hawley said, adding, "That's more than the population of the world. That means that our officers, when they're not focused on the Standard Operating Procedure and they're not going through our checklist, that they're going through information in their own subconscious. This is incredibly valuable information that allows them to pick up on cues if we train them on it and encourage them to use it." The Checkpoint Evolution training means getting away from the mentality of, "Did I complete the checklist? If I did, I'm done with my job," Hawley said. "We have to do our job of not letting prohibited items through, but my job is not finished until I've stopped an attack."

I heard a bit of a speech from John McCain on the radio last night, saying that all the credit for the recent drop in oil prices goes to President Bush because he lifted the executive order that banned offshore drilling, and oil prices dropped more than $10 a barrel in response.

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