Friday, July 18, 2008

Maybe our stars are unanimously tired

I'm tired.

Thesis committee meeting is scheduled for August 20th. Hopefully my last. Should have all of the data from the irradiation part of my thesis project Thursday. I've submitted one paper draft (sans figure) to my adviser and working on revising a second. Probably have two more in the pipeline. The one nice thing about being the only person in the lab working on this topic is that I'm guaranteed first author on every paper.

Had to take the car back in today, as the battery light had started coming on again and was on solid since Tuesday afternoon. Nearly 6 hours and over a week's pay later, it *was* the alternator. Nice.

VBS is in like two days; I never feel ready. It always seems to work out though.

Matt told me to give FF3 another chance since it's been updated to a new version. So far it's been okay but we'll see. At least all my extensions work, although I do miss the rounded address bar.

We've had to make some changes to our lab meeting schedule recently, and man did I get the short end of the stick on that. Not only am I presenting at lab meeting twice within 8 weeks (we usually only go once every 3 months or so; I originally wasn't due until mid-September) I'm presenting the day before my thesis committee meeting (which doesn't give me much time to implement suggestions, which was the whole point of going early) AND it's my birthday. Sigh.

What in the world makes someone undergo the thought process that decides this sequence of events is not only a viable option but also the best option: a) stop dead in the left center lane of I-95 in front of two tractor trailers, b) make a 90-degree turn across two other lanes of highway traffic, c) drive across 15 feet of grass because you're already past the point where the exit you're trying to take has physically separated from the highway. Seriously, I think you have to have some kind of mental illness there.

Did I mention that I love the new dishwasher? I love the new dishwasher. It cleans so well, and you don't have to pre-rinse anything. And it's sooo quiet!

I didn't order the shoes mentioned in my last post. But I did order a cute ASPCA t-shirt.

I appreciate the sentiment of this Indexed card:

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