Wednesday, July 02, 2008

You've received a Hallmark E-card!

A couple years ago, I would have thought nothing of this. But I have learned to be suspicious of everything on the internet. Especially since it's not even my birthday or anything.

It looked innocuous enough:

My e-mail address was correct, no spelling or grammar errors (usually a dead give-away) and I right-clicked some of the links at the top and bottom and copy/pasted them into notepad - they all directed to

Oh, these are smart people. But I am smarter. Copying the link location of the "here" (to retrieve my card) and pasting into notepad revealed the true intentions: domain, file name postcard.exe.

You were a worthy opponent, Postcard Virus Cleverly Disguised As A Hallmark E-Card. But no cookie for you today.


Anonymous said...

Very clever. I just got caught by a modified version of Postcard.exe bundled in much the same Hallmark message. Problem is, it was my 10-year anniversary with my wife today so I thought...
AVG has kindly pruned the offending code and files from my registry, rootkit and file system but this nasty little worm is getting much smarter. BE WARNED.



Courtney said...

Yes, they are getting pretty crafty! I find that right-clicking, copying the link and pasting it into notepad saves me a lot of hassle.