Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Another project

One of the things I've wanted to do for a while is frame this photo (from last year's trip to the beach):

I finally got around to getting it printed; I had previously been using Wal-mart photo center because I liked that you could upload photos online and then pick them up later, instead of having to drive there twice or wait around for an hour or use the kiosk which is way more expensive than regular photo printing. But when I stopped going to Wal-mart, I didn't have that convenience anymore. Until I found out that you can do the same thing at Rite Aid now. So I sent it in to be printed as an 8x10, and I went looking for a frame. I wanted something in a natural color, and with a flat front because I planned on gluing some of the seashells I collected from the beach on the front. I found a nice double mat (light green and cream) but the only 11x14 frame I could find was white. I picked up some acrylic paint to paint the frame to match the cream in the mat, and some glue. Turns out the mat and frame were both on sale, and I had a 40%-off coupon for one regular priced item (which ended up being the glue, ha). So I got everything I needed for the project, including the photo printing cost, for less than what the regular price of the frame was. Spiffy. I'll post a photo next week when it's done.

We have a crazy busy weekend planned. I'm (obviously) volunteering on Saturday and then we're going to C&E's place for (maybe) tennis and dinner before heading out to Nissan Pavilion. Matt got $6 lawn seat tickets to the Counting Crows/Maroon 5 show Saturday night, w00t! Sunday I'm probably going to be at work all day after church :-/ I'm really trying to finish something up before my meeting on Wednesday, and as usual the universe is NOT cooperating. Third time's the charm, right? ...right?? Sigh.

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