Sunday, August 31, 2008

Darn you, Glennon

Not only did you kill the season opener, but that cost me 8 points :-(

Regardless of the outcome of the last game (Washington @ Oregon) I'll come in second for week 1 of CPE. But if Oregon wins (and they're up 21-10 right now) I'll be in 2nd place by 1 point instead of 4.

Had a pretty decent day otherwise - volunteered, met Leslie for lunch at the tapas restaurant I posted a few days ago, went to work for a few hours, went to Old Navy (and got this dress, except in navy blue). My license plates came in the mail today too! Except that means *I* have to go out and put them on the car since M's out of town.

Gonna go read or something now. Church and chillin' tomorrow (and probably getting ice cream), and taking Monday off (and sleeping in, and going to some sort of cookout).

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