Friday, August 29, 2008

Nerd goodness

1. How did pandas get it so easy? A Japanese zoo has the first video recording of a panda giving birth. The panda sits down, and the pandette just kind of goes "bloop" out onto the floor. In terms of comparative sizes, I think I've seen bigger poops. "Giant" panda my foot. Feisty little guy (gal?) though.

2. Astrobiology rap - your daily science dose of the day.

3. I think I made up the word "pandette."

4. Not nerd, but who in the world ever says "I want to get creative with salad tonight?" Damn you Sargento, with your contrived phone conversations and your crazy salad mix-ins.


Anonymous said...

I thought I was going to have to be first to mention that Sargento commercial. Remember the time when cell phones were exclusively for the really important, like heart surgeons? Now soccer moms can call up their husbands at the grocery store to say that they want to get "creative with salad." Because we all know how important that is. You have to be some kind of loser to do that.


Courtney said...

I bet the next line in the conversation, that they can't show on TV, was something like "Woman, I don't get creative with salad. I get creative with handcuffs!"