Monday, August 25, 2008

Recent randoms

Meeting: Not as bad as I had feared, but no where near as good as I had hoped. I still have a lot of work to do :-/ Trying not to feel depressed about it, but so far it's only partly working.

Draft: Got Brady for our QB. Screwed up our backup QB twice, now have Delhomme. Got a good WR who is on the verge of needing shoulder surgery. Got some good RBs. We'll see what happens.

Two weekends ago: Super happy fun. Played doubles tennis, went to the M5/CC concert, went to Body Worlds and out to dinner. Matt summed it up pretty well here.

Last weekend: Took two naps. Had lunch with a couple from church. Finished Dance of Death and started Book of the Dead.

This weekend: Matt's out of town. I have to work. And I'm finally trying out that tapas restaurant in DC, either by myself or with Matt's aunt. Hokie football kicks off, but I'll have to DVR it.

Next weekend: Heading to NJ for my cousin's wedding. And working some more.

Music: I bought a couple new albums off of PayPlay since I have some birthday money kicking around. I had at least one song off of each already, mostly through their karma system (I've bought so much music I have like 85 karma points racked up). I ended up with "Red Light Fever" by Jackson Rohm, "Away From Here" by The Retrofits, and "On My Own Two Feet" by Granian. I also karma'ed a live track of "Contagious" and a new Jackson Rohm song, "The Old Me."

Words I hate: babymoon; staycation

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