Sunday, August 03, 2008

What I did on my summer vacation

made a sandcastle * boogie boarded * walked on the beach * looked for seashells * found a piece of coral * found the padding from someone's bikini top * laughed at sand pipers * fed seagulls * lost the camera * found the camera * lost yahtzee about five times * won a game of settlers of catan * played many games of munchkin * played many games of five crowns * took a nap * played beach volleyball in the dark * won one game of blokus * finished 95% of a 1000-piece puzzle * played dr. mario * ate a corn dog at captain frank's * picked crabs * grilled steaks * got carolina barbeque at sooey's * listened to matt rock out on karaoke * got about two dozen mosquito bites * got a massage and a pedicure * tossed a football * tossed a frisbee * stargazed * saw a satellite * saw a meteorite * played putt putt * ran into matt's aunt and uncle outside of putt putt * got DQ ice cream * got frozen custard * shopped * saw a woman drinking a forty in a grocery store * created a drink * made fun of randi's attempt at creating a drink * drank margaritas and pina coladas * got a cactus in my hand * made s'mores * bought a new purse * bought t-shirts for me and matt * played rock band * laughed at people * glared at bad parents * got fried fish at slammin' sammys * saw wall-e * ate lunch on the beach * ate dinner on the deck * got brownie cheesecake at the froggy dog * attempted to take pictures of lightning * stayed up really late * slept in late * watched v for vendetta * played hilarious games of apples to apples and loaded questions * watched all the episodes of dr. horrible's sing-along blog and planet unicorn * got a second-hand campfire

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