Monday, September 22, 2008

Not so fantasy

Once again we were projected to win this week, and once again 6 of our players put up single-digit points values for us. Our bench actually put up 10 more points than our starters. Sigh. Still, we managed to only lose by 8.5 points. Eric sucks just slightly less than us, haha. I hope next week will be better.


Eric said...

that's what i do best! i had one of the best records in my league last year, but i had one of the lowest point totals. it's all about the matchup.

Courtney said...

I'm really starting to question ESPN's projected totals, because the last two weeks we've been projected for the highest points total in the league, and both weeks we've barely managed 2/3, if that.

Knot said...

I'm 3-0 picking spares.

People laughed at me when I picked Romo and a handful of no names like the kid from Atlanta and Tenessee's defense. I LEFT 21 on the bench Sunday and still one by 10 points.

Never trust ESPN. Look at who is good and who isn't good this year. The bet against the bad ones.