Tuesday, September 30, 2008

That's a lot of red

No, I'm not telling you how much is in the accounts :-P Ever the eternal optimist: we're getting a great sale on the 401k and IRA transactions that are going through this afternoon! Seriously though...there's a lot of punditfuss about the biggest point drop in the history of the Dow, but in terms of percentages it doesn't even make the top 10. Silly pundits.

We were actually leading FFB by 1.5 points during the game tonight, but then the defense went to pot and we went from 12 points D/ST down to 5 and lost by 13.5 points in the end. I don't have any optimism left for today.


Knot said...

Great time to buy some stocks if you are looking for something that's usually pricey. It will go back up. Maybe not a lot, but at least enough to get your money back. Just think if in two days they announced a resolution. If you bought it tomorrow you would make some serious money.


Courtney said...

Oh I know. We actually increased M's 401K contribution percentage (we were already maxing my IRA). We've got a looong horizon.

Eric said...

not that i think the economy is in great shape right now, but i think most of the people who are most worried, are the people who understand the situation the least.

Courtney said...

I agree on both counts. Knowledge is power...and in this case, will likely also translate to long-term wealth.