Monday, October 20, 2008

The country will get better

With all the rhetoric and finger-pointing going on in the final run-up to the election, I thought I'd go all moderate and point out a few things I'll be happy about regardless of who wins the election.
  • Expanded funding for stem cell research
  • Executive branch repudiation of torture as an interrogation technique
  • The likely closure of Guantanamo Bay
  • An agreement on nuclear non-proliferation
  • A healthy focus on climate change, including a cap-and-trade system for limiting greenhouse gas emissions
  • Renewed emphasis on volunteerism
  • Increased funding for cancer research
  • A move towards electronic patient records
  • An agreement on the need to shift military focus to Afghanistan
  • An overhaul of the Veterans Affairs system
  • A likely repeal of No Child Left Behind
  • An agreement that Warren Buffet is the smartest man to run the US Treasury, and if asked I hope he takes the job

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ccnusbaum said...

I think something should be done for children that are struggling at school, but I don't think it should be at the expense of all the other children. Many times kids start to struggle because they lack the parental support they need to help them study and 'drive home' their education (especially in today's dual income families). If that's not the case, if it is an actual learning disability, then they need to be taught in a different way that works for them. It's a travesty that our public school system is currently content on keeping all students on the same page -- it's not fair to any of them. And it's not like the kids that are struggling don't realize that they're holding up the rest of the class -- kids are smarter than that. I think there should be an in-session "tutoring" class (so children aren't kept after school=punishment) with qualified teachers, sort of like how recitation courses are offered in college.