Saturday, October 25, 2008


I mean, *A* first. As in, the first time in my life I've ever had multiple job applications submitted at once. I'm so grown up.

So, I've applied for the NIH/NCI tech transfer fellowships, an analyst position with the American Chemical Society, the licensing position at George Mason, and a medical marketing writer position at Qiagen. Which made several people ask if we were moving overseas, hehe. Qiagen does have a number of overseas offices (in 12 other countries) but they also have US offices in California and in Gaithersburg, about 3 miles from our house. So no, we're not moving anywhere :-)

I wanted to take a nap (I'm still trying to catch up from a horrible night of sleep Thursday night) but I figured it would behoove me to finish the draft of my thesis committee update instead. We're planning on sending it in on Monday. I haven't had any graph updates lately because the last experiment, which theoretically could have been done in a total of eight days, hasn't been going so well. I suppose it was a little too much optimism to think that something just MIGHT work the first time I tried it.

Recorded a chapter about prokaryotes today, and we're going to a birthday party in like an hour.

Also, Firefox's dictionary didn't have the word "prokaryotes" in it. It suggested I change it to "eukaryotes" or "protestants." Ha!

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