Monday, November 10, 2008


People only write one thesis, because theses sounds too much like feces.

I'm currently working on five chapters, including 6 tables and 36 figures. 97 pages total so far.


Anonymous said...

I checked on my MS thesis proposal: 62 pages, 12 tables (plus an additional ~60 pages of appendices as my advisor insists on having every piece of my raw data), 17 figures, 8 tables, 138 sources. I think I'm up to 7 lab notebooks and one 4" binder that won't be included.

My final thesis will have a whole bunch of modeling data and SEM images, so probably add like 20-30 figures. All for 350 inconclusive, unrepeatable, impossible to control experiments....

On the bright side,the author of PhD comics comes to campus Friday. I used to think that comic was funny until I realize how real it was.


Courtney said...

I only had 3.5 lab notebooks, plus three binders of protocols and data (mostly western blots, since you can't stick films directly into the lab notebooks). Dunno how many sources exactly, each chapter has its own reference list/database and I know there's some repeats so I'm not even going to try to add all those up!

Jorge Cham came to Hopkins last year, but it was up at the Homewood campus and I didn't get a chance to go. I've heard he's a great speaker though.