Thursday, November 13, 2008

Unsolved Mysteries

There are reruns of the show "Unsolved Mysteries" on Spike TV now. It's kind of lame now though. They should call it "Solved Mysteries." Because the show hasn't aired in real time for so long, practically every snip has an update at the end saying they caught the bad guy or found the missing person or whatever. Plus the original guy that did the voice-over doesn't do it anymore in later episodes, and the other guy just isn't as spooky. Plus, they tried to get all technical and up-to-date with their "data" and so whenever they put words on the screen, it has this weird "digital" sound that gets old fast.

I turned in another chapter draft today, and worked out for 31 minutes on the wii fit. My arm/shoulder has really started to bother me by the end of each day from typing/using the mouse. But my figures are all basically made, so hopefully I won't need the mouse as much. And EndNote's Connect-to-PubMed was actually working today; last night I was getting pretty aggrevated because it kept losing the connection mid-search and I had to keep reconnecting after practically every single reference addition. Ugh!

Thesis is up to 110 pages, I'm predicting 120-125 by the time it's all said and done.

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