Friday, November 14, 2008

Wii fit

Before yesterday, I hadn't really wii fit-ted much since summer time. I know I've put a few pounds back on since July (not necessarily in an unhealthy way) but I had to put in a 2-month goal, so I said -3 pounds. Call it a pre-emptive strike against the holidays, although I actually lost weight by the time last christmas was over due to the stomach flu.

Wii fit is so much more fun once you unlock the more advanced stuff. Especially the advanced cardio. I was pretty bored with basic step (too slow and too few moves) but advanced step is much better. Ditto with "super" hula hoop (longer and in both directions) and advanced boxing, which I was both confused about and sore from. I thought it was just going to be longer, but it had more moves too - stepping back, multiple punches, dodging, etc, and my arms were already sore from yesterday so I didn't do so hot on my first time. I also have "real" yoga moves unlocked now, like triangle and downward-facing dog.

I just put IcyHot on my arms, and now the cats don't want to sit next to me.

Thesis page count = 115.

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