Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Zoot suit riot

Or...just a regular suit. But a nice one. And a super price. I got this jacket and matching pants (in charcoal heather) for $45 with tax and shipping. Hope it gets here in time, hehe. It should though. I've already got a pretty blue button-down shirt to wear with it. Maybe I'll pick up a new pair of black or grey heels - my black heels are getting a little dangerous, because the heels wore unevenly. Stupid feet.

Now all I need is revised slides for my thesis presentation. And a job! Sigh - I submitted three more applications today.

I also got a new bible...call it an early graduation present :-) It's so pretty!

I haven't made any cookies yet, but I at least got everything to make cookies. And I got M two christmas presents. I gotta go to target sometime this week and get ornaments for the Sunday school party gift exchange, and a gift for the lab gift exchange, and square baking pans to make fudge, and little boxes to put fudge in, and christmas cards, and stocking stuffers for the lab adopted family. Whew!

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