Monday, November 24, 2008

College Pick'em is over??

That sure went fast.

Ended the season ranked 5169th which was good for 97.8%. Unfortunately it wasn't quite enough this year, because Matt actually beat me by 4 points! He got 98.2% and 4149th place. Lame.

We're just about guaranteed to win FFB this week, and Eric's already lost so we should have a near-lock on a playoff spot. Not bad for our first FFB season ever, especially considering the disastrous start we got off to.

Interview's in less than 2 hours. In the lab and meeting with R tomorrow, and then we're leaving at 7AM Wednesday to head up to Massachusetts for Thanksgiving. My thesis presentation is in 24 days and there's only 5.5 weeks left in the year! And I haven't made a single cookie or bought a single present yet, gah!

Friday, November 21, 2008


Courtney has 124 pages of thesis - all five chapter drafts are done! Also have four slides done (of about 25) for my interview presentation on Monday.

Chopping 6 onions is HARD work. On to the jalapenos (on a stick? Jose? Hehehe).

Thursday, November 20, 2008

For reals

natalie dee


Got a busy couple of days ahead. I need to finish the draft of my introduction chapter, and I have to put together a presentation for my interview on Monday. We're having people over on Saturday and going to Norm and Laura's for the premier of 24 on Sunday. And I gotta grocery shop and make chili and prepare for bible study and wii fit (I've done it 4 days straight this week!) and do my college pick'em picks and pack for Thanksgiving.

Besides the interview I got, I applied for one more job this week and recontacted people for three others. Jane is a great pray-er!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Thesis drafts

So I've finished drafts of the four data chapters, finally - the last one was the hardest (and longest) of course. I have the (very) rough draft of the introduction chapter as well, but it needs a bit of updating. 118 pages total so far.

Gotta wii fit and grocery shop still today.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Wii fit

Before yesterday, I hadn't really wii fit-ted much since summer time. I know I've put a few pounds back on since July (not necessarily in an unhealthy way) but I had to put in a 2-month goal, so I said -3 pounds. Call it a pre-emptive strike against the holidays, although I actually lost weight by the time last christmas was over due to the stomach flu.

Wii fit is so much more fun once you unlock the more advanced stuff. Especially the advanced cardio. I was pretty bored with basic step (too slow and too few moves) but advanced step is much better. Ditto with "super" hula hoop (longer and in both directions) and advanced boxing, which I was both confused about and sore from. I thought it was just going to be longer, but it had more moves too - stepping back, multiple punches, dodging, etc, and my arms were already sore from yesterday so I didn't do so hot on my first time. I also have "real" yoga moves unlocked now, like triangle and downward-facing dog.

I just put IcyHot on my arms, and now the cats don't want to sit next to me.

Thesis page count = 115.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Max's new toy

Super laser eyeballs ACTIVATE! I also realized it looks like I'm flying, which is pretty cool. But I'm actually just leaning over the end of the bed. My secret power will not be revealed so easily!

(Max looked a lot niftier when he was playing with my sweatshirt string while on his back, but by the time Matt had gotten the camera and came back into the bedroom, Max was on to us).

Also, I took this picture in the bathroom of a rest stop south of Petersburg, VA on the way back from NC last Saturday. I did not place my purse on the hook.

Unsolved Mysteries

There are reruns of the show "Unsolved Mysteries" on Spike TV now. It's kind of lame now though. They should call it "Solved Mysteries." Because the show hasn't aired in real time for so long, practically every snip has an update at the end saying they caught the bad guy or found the missing person or whatever. Plus the original guy that did the voice-over doesn't do it anymore in later episodes, and the other guy just isn't as spooky. Plus, they tried to get all technical and up-to-date with their "data" and so whenever they put words on the screen, it has this weird "digital" sound that gets old fast.

I turned in another chapter draft today, and worked out for 31 minutes on the wii fit. My arm/shoulder has really started to bother me by the end of each day from typing/using the mouse. But my figures are all basically made, so hopefully I won't need the mouse as much. And EndNote's Connect-to-PubMed was actually working today; last night I was getting pretty aggrevated because it kept losing the connection mid-search and I had to keep reconnecting after practically every single reference addition. Ugh!

Thesis is up to 110 pages, I'm predicting 120-125 by the time it's all said and done.

Monday, November 10, 2008


People only write one thesis, because theses sounds too much like feces.

I'm currently working on five chapters, including 6 tables and 36 figures. 97 pages total so far.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Snuglies and yummies

My Old Navy sweaters came today, hooray! Four new sweaters (pink striped crew neck, bright blue turtleneck, gray cowl neck, red shawl-collar) plus a cord skirt, a scarf and a cute tee. And it might even be warm enough for me to wear the tee this week, crazy.

Dinner at the Melting Pot was super yummy. We got the spinach and artichoke cheese fondue, I chose the caesar salad, we had the usual entree, and then cookies and cream chocolate fondue for dessert. So good!

Working from home today was really nice too. I've now gotten nearly all of my materials and methods sections done, a solid rough draft of the background intro chapter, and good starts on all three other intro sections. I'm in tomorrow for lab meeting and such, and then working from home Wednesday and Thursday before heading to KG.

Don't forget to vote! And then go to Starbucks and get your free "I voted" coffee!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Looking like a good week

Working from home a couple days this week, going to the Melting Pot with the work ladies on Monday, going to mom and dad's on Thursday, and we're all going to pick Daniel up on Friday. And then dinner at Pam and Mike's on Sunday. Woohoo!

Saturday, November 01, 2008