Thursday, January 15, 2009

I like to move it move it

So, I chickened out with wearing the shoe inserts while running today. The package said it could take 1-2 weeks for your feet to adjust to them, and I thought they felt kind of funny still. So I ran normally, and wore them around the house for about 2 hours or so afterward. I'll try wearing them for a half day tomorrow and maybe by sometime next week I'll feel comfortable running in them.

I do like running on a treadmill though. My best mile is at 11:30 today (though for some reason the website is correct while my ipod still says 11:50) and I beat the other girl in the 3K challenge by 15 seconds today. Matt McHugh keeps passing me in distance every time I get a leg up on him though. I do wonder if some people in the group just don't sync after every run and they're going to sneak up at the end with like 50 unaccounted-for miles. Also, people in the world are gaming the leaderboard. Someone allegedly ran 362 miles in a week, or a 5K in 10:54. For those of you who aren't interested in doing the math, the former is two marathons per day and the latter is a 3:31 mile split (the world record is 3:43.13). Cheaters!

I e-mailed today about the job I interviewed for last week; they said I should hear by the end of the month :-/ Not much else on that front at the moment. My cleaning project today was scrubbing the stove, especially the burner pans (yuck). I need to vacuum and such tomorrow because we're having people over this weekend.

If you're still using my Hopkins e-mail address, I have no clue how much longer I'll be able to access it. I'm currently using courtney dot silverthorn at gmail.

14.5 days til Blacksburg!

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