Friday, January 23, 2009

Not-so-lazy Friday?

I did run yesterday and today. Yesterday was harder, because it was cooler (though not as cold as usual, so I wound up overdressed and had to take my fleece off about 10 minutes in) and there was still snow on the park path in the more shaded areas. Today was *nice* and we just ran around the neighborhood (M came with me) but even with all the hills I managed to make it the full 30 minutes today as well as logging at least 2.25 miles. I had planned a few days ago to run at the park on Saturday afternoon (was supposed to be a high of 38 or 39, I think) but now it says high of 35 and very windy so I'm not sure. Counting tomorrow, it's now supposed to be lousy for six straight days :-( Stupid weather. I haven't bettered my times either - been focusing on getting to that 30 minute mark.

Just hanging out here tonight. We played Tetris Party last night on the wii (and Matt kicked my butt thoroughly) and are going out to dinner tomorrow night and to see a movie on Sunday afternoon. Might play some wii sports tonight after dinner :-)

My printed/bound dissertation copies are ready, so I'm going to Baltimore on Monday to pick them up...woo. Have to take one to my advisor and send/bring one to my parents - haven't decided which yet. Maybe we'll go down one Saturday for dinner or something.

I'm surprised at how quickly this month seems to have gone, even though I'm not doing as much during the day as I used to.

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