Friday, February 27, 2009

Another one bites the dust

Carly and Eric get the cool Queen song slash life event connection for their foosball win at MD states last weekend. I get...the fact that the patent office is under a hiring freeze. Smashing.

I hope it won't matter, because I had what I thought was a pretty good interview at the NCI yesterday and they said they'd let me know within two weeks - they want the new person to start before the old one leaves at the beginning of April. My only worry is that the person leaving has a JD, while the other fellow has a PhD and I don't know if they'd prefer to keep a "balanced office," so to speak, by choosing to replace a JD with another JD instead of a PhD. We'll see I guess.

Two more days left this month to run. I'm starting to feel pretty tired but have a shorter run planned for today so hopefully I can grind out one more longer run on Saturday.

I had a dream at some point last night that woke me up feeling very unsettled, but for the life of me I can't remember what it was about.

Did you hear about the new potential advances in the flu vaccine? Right now the flu vaccine has to be selected every year based on statistical predictions of prominent strains. Some researchers found an antibody against a *stable* molecule that nearly every strain contains, so if the animal models and clinical trials pan out, in about 5-7 years we might be able to get one flu vaccine and be covered permanently against nearly every form of the virus. That's pretty cool!

Leaving in about an hour to go get my volunteer on (been working on a Bioethics text these days) then quick run at the gym and quick shower before I head up to White Marsh for dinner. Bertucci's is one of those restaurants that doesn't put their nutritional information online (and as Jim rightly pointed out, that probably means "you don't want to know!") but I figure salmon and spinach is a much safer bet than a giant bowl of pasta swimming in some butter&cream sauce.

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