Saturday, February 07, 2009

Missed connections

You were pedestrians at the intersection of Georgia and Forest Glen. I had the silver Ford Focus, and the green light. I'm a 20-something with about 200K miles of driving experience and a mean reaction time, as evidenced by my stellar whack-a-mole abilities. I was not intoxicated, tired, on a cell phone or otherwise distracted. I was also preparing to turn right at the light and therefore was not only traveling slower than the speed limit allowed, but also already had my foot over the break. I hope you were sufficiently thankful for all these facts when you decided to run across an eight-lane highway and right in front of my car.

You're lucky this was a "missed connection."


Matt Silverthorn said...

Maryland: The only thing dumber than our drivers are our pedestrians!

Anonymous said...

Typically, they shoot you the bird for daring to drive near them.