Saturday, February 28, 2009

Surprise update

So I interviewed on Thursday, and they said they would be making a decision within the next two weeks. I had assumed, being a government entity, that they would be taking the full two weeks (and perhaps then some) to decide. Imagine my surprise when they called me yesterday afternoon and offered me the position!!

I am SO excited about this, for a ton of reasons. One is that it's *A* job - I was beginning to get pretty bored at home, and frustrated with the job search efforts. But not only that, it's pretty much exactly what I wanted. This was the first job I had applied to when I started looking back in October (once I knew that I was actually going to be finishing grad school in 2008) and both the position and the office itself seem like they're going to be an excellent fit. And it also doesn't hurt that I'm pretty much getting a 70% raise from my last salary! I do still have a ways to go before I'm making more money than Matt, but I'm okay with that...for now :-)

Matt's mom had told me several times throughout this whole ordeal that she was praying that God would open up just the right door, and close tightly all the others. And that's exactly what happened.

I'll be learning more next week about my exact start date and such - I know it'll roughly be mid-March. And doing lots of paperwork. By the time it's all over I'll have been funemployed for roughly 11-12 weeks.

SOO excited!!


Matt Silverthorn said...

w00t! :-)

Robyn said...

Awesome!! Congrats!

Courtney said...

Thanks :-D

Eric said...

hooray for you!

Courtney said...

Thanks :-) I called your Mrs from the car on Friday afternoon, and she said "I'm so excited for you I'm jumping up and down in Kohl's!"