Sunday, February 22, 2009

Two months

Man, today was a busy day. I had to get up early to go to the grocery store (and Starbucks, yum). Did some laundry/stuff around the house in the AM, then off to a RFBD session - currently recording a book on bioethics. Back home to change and grab a piece of fruit, then to the gym - ran 2 miles and then biked 6.5 miles. Came home, showered, wrapped gifts for Matt's aunt and cousin, then over to the Sakura in Fair Oaks Lakes for dinner. I had hibachi shrimp and scallops, yum. Came home for more laundry and made the creme brulees for dessert Sunday night. Whew!

AAAAAAND I finally got an interview for the tech transfer fellowship at the NCI! It's this Thursday. I'm really excited! Even though it's been two full months of unemployment so far.

For some reason I am fascinated by this site: Adventures in Bentomaking.

Church tomorrow, visiting Dottie, quick lunch and then home to finish cleaning before team LaCroix gets here.


Robyn said...

Good luck on your interview!!

Matt Silverthorn said...

Fair Lakes, not Fair Oaks.