Sunday, April 19, 2009

Where does the time go when it's not around here?

I too agree with Matt that this week has flown!

After getting through the Easter festivities, church quieted down for a bit. We finally finished the book of Acts in our Wednesday night bible study and are getting ready to start Amos. I think it'll be a fun discussion!

Friday night we went out to Centreville to eat at Sweetwater Tavern for Jim's (belated) birthday. I had a very yummy lobster bisque and house salad, which I believe was my inspiration for salad at home...theirs is mixed greens, tomatoes, pine nuts, spiced pecans, dried cranberries, dried figs (or dates?), fried goat cheese round, and a champagne vinaigrette. I wonder if I can get dried figs at the grocery store? I also had two glasses of their very yummy homemade root beer :-)

We decided to take advantage of the awesome weather on Saturday after I got back from volunteering, and headed out to do some hiking. Unfortunately everyone else in Fairfax county had the same idea! We got onto Georgetown Pike to park at Great Falls, and it was at a standstill. We ended up going back to Montgomery county and hiking up in Damascus for a couple of hours. When we were walking the paved part of the trail, Matt almost stepped on this little guy:

He was about 8-10" long and happily sunning himself. (Update - after some research, we've decided that this guy is a Northern Water Snake, Nerodia sipedon, common subspecies. There's a more closely matched picture here.)

Ordered a new bathing suit for this year's beach trip...only 97 days to go! I was trying to decide between that one and the brown one with white polka dots, but I decided to with the floral since I already have a polka dot bikini.

Went to church on Sunday, and then out to the Mongolian Barbeque in Columbia for lunch with a group from church. I did NOT go run today, because my calves were already killing me from hiking. I figured it might have been a bit optimistic. We did go to PetSmart to pick a prescription for Roxie's ears and to get a Litter Locker for cleaning the litterbox. Also, I think it's hilarious that, while the contraption itself is in the "Home and Garden" category, the refill cartridge bags are in the "Kitchen and Dining" category. Yuck :-)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Running (but not on empty)

Got my 5K time down to 29:52!! Think I might go to the gym on Sunday and run the 10K for this competition cycle - current aim is to get below 1:10:00 (at least a minute faster than my prior record). I haven't really been running distance lately so it might be a bit of a challenge! I would have liked to be at 200 by the end of this cycle, (6 weeks left) but March was a dismal month for me for running. I'm pretty sure I can get to 200 by the end of June though (would only have to average 8.5 miles per week, which I could do easily enough by running three 5Ks). Of course, running on Sunday also depends on how I feel after our (planned) day of hiking on Saturday - gotta take advantage of the nice weather!

Work was slow for the first couple days, and then got busy again today - wee!

Going to Sweetwater Tavern tomorrow night for Jim's birthday, and I gotta remember to bring him his shirt :-)

I think I've eaten about a pound of chocolate so far this week...

Monday, April 13, 2009

It MUST be "spring"

Despite the fact that it was in the 20s last night (and currently only 31), the lawn guys are at it at the crack of dawn today. Ugh.

Easter services were fantastic. I ended up having to wear khaki pants and a sweater instead of my cute dress because it was too cold. Easter dinner = sooo yummy!

We decided to move the cats' food bowl from the kitchen floor to a ledge in the living room so that whenever Roxie wants to eat, she has to jump up to the sofa and then to the ledge to get to it. Exercise is good for you, missy! (Speaking of exercise, I didn't go to the gym on Saturday...)

Friday, April 10, 2009


Some telemarketer has called my work number several times over the past few days (never when I'm there) and left a message saying "We are sorry to have disturbed you. This message was intended for an answering machine only." Uhhhh...

I heard on the radio the other day, that they had asked people to call in and give their opinion on "Is President Obama doing enough to protect US citizens from pirates?" Are you kidding me?? One, it's not his job! And two, this is like one US ship in what, 100 years?

Screwed up the taxes and had to file amended returns today, AND pay another $127. Wag of the finger to YOU, Johns Hopkins University, for messing up my last paycheck and then not issuing me a corrected W2. Apparently since I "had use of the wages in 2008" (yeah, for less than 24 hours!) I still have to pay taxes on them on our 2008 return. THEN in 2009 I can claim a deduction in income of what I repaid and get my $127 back. Pfff.

Have to get up early tomorrow to take the kitties to the vet. Max will probably cry, and Roxie will probably exude from all physiologically possible orifices. Awesome.

I will give a Tip O' the Hat (thanks Colbert) to our center director who let us all leave work an hour early.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Weekend and then some

Did the taxes last weekend. Was frustrated by the fact that, although we had wanted to put what we owed on the credit card to get the cash back rewards from our card, there was a $29.99 "convenience fee" for each payment (and we owed for both federal and state) - more than enough to wipe out any rewards we would have gotten from the charges. Booooo. Had to suck it up and set up auto-debits from our savings account instead.

Sunday was a great day. The weather was perfect, the church choir's cantata was excellent. Carly and Eric came over in the afternoon; we went to lunch at Famous Dave's for yummy barbeque, played doubles tennis for about an hour and a half, and then watched Hancock. After they left, M and I watched Shrek, Madagascar, and Ratatouille. (Note: I am amazed that I just spelled that correctly on the first try).

Ran at the gym yesterday - I'm working on my pace instead of my distance right now, so I've been doing acceleration runs. 1 mile at 6mph, then speeding up to 7mph in 0.1 mile/hour increments each tenth of a mile. I'm trying to get to the point where I can run the last 1.2 miles (to make a total of 5K) in four sections at 7, 6.6, 6.3 and 6mph each and then build from there. I can do the one section at 7mph but I'm pretty much dying by the end so I've only been getting to 2.6-2.7 miles total. Since I had to move my normal Thursday workout to today, I biked 8.25 miles instead of running. I might try to go on Saturday and run again.

So tired! I am just really not designed to wake up normally at 7:30AM. Well, maybe if I went to bed at like 10PM every night. I do suspect that I need more than the 7-7.5 hours/night that I am currently getting though.

We have church services Thursday and Friday night, taking the kitties to the vet and volunteering and maybe gymming on Saturday, and then heading down to Mom and Dad's after church on Sunday for Easter dinner (yum!) I had wanted to wear my cute pink dress but it doesn't look like the weather will cooperate at this point :-(

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Rollin' rollin'

My blogging has been atrocious lately. I've just got so much going on! I've been doing a bible study group on Monday nights - we're going through the book of Daniel. I'm back in the gym on Tuesdays and Thursdays (working on speed right now instead of distance). I've still got church Wednesday nights. And I've been visiting Dottie about once a week for the past couple weeks.

By the time I get on my computer after dinner, and get through all my Morning Coffee tabs (which are now more like "Evening Tea" tabs?) it seems like it's nearly time for bed. Still, I'll try harder.

Last Weekend - was going to volunteer but the delays on the metro were too long from the train derailment the previous day. Ended up doing some chores, grocery shopping, and then going to the Wizards-Pistons game. It was exciting, but disappointing because they lost by 2 points. Seats were AWESOME. Sunday, I went to see Dottie after church while M was at choir rehearsal. Eric and Emily came over that night and we went to Applebees and then came back to our place to watch Bill Cosby's stand-up DVD.

This Weekend - volunteering and going over to Dottie's on Saturday; church concert and then spending the day with Carly and Eric on Sunday. We've got some lunch, tennis, and movie watching planned.

Next Weekend - Easter!

Money - Got paid! Opened M's IRA account! Still have to do taxes this weekend. Next goal up after that - opening the CD ladder account, probably at GMAC Bank.

Happy Birthday Mom!