Monday, May 04, 2009

Bloggy blog blog blog

I got to 998 and then I don't know what happened...

So anyway, what have I been up to? Went to the dentist, got an a-okay for the next six months. I've had some stupid eye irritation/infection (?) for like two weeks. I took out my contact lenses for a week but there was no change, so I thought that I had maybe just scratched my cornea or something. Wearing my contact lenses wasn't uncomfortable or altering my vision, so I wore a fresh pair Friday, Saturday and part of Sunday. I woke up today and I'm pretty sure it's an infection and not a scratch. Several more days of not wearing contacts must now ensue. Grrr.

We finally have our new budget set up! Lots of saving coming up, woohoo - ING for regular savings, Vanguard for the IRAs and our house DP fund in a few more months, and GMAC for our CDs (starting this month!). Am I a total budget nerd or what?

I went to $5 Friday yoga at Sol Yoga in downtown Frederick last week. I liked it a lot! I'm going to plan on going semi-regularly with my new pink yoga mat :-)

I need to run mini-mii is getting lazy. I just hate running in glasses.

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