Monday, May 25, 2009

Please give me a second to catch my breath

Well, that was a whirlwind weekend!

Graduation was wonderful, but quickly dissolved into chaos after the ceremony :-) 26 people came to watch me get my doctoral hood! Then I had to try to corral everyone after the (three-hour) ceremony. I think we took all of about two pictures in the midst of it all. We ended up going to Unos in the Inner Harbor for lunch. By the time lunch was over it was like 3:30...some of my cousins and other relatives went to the Aquarium, but Matt and I headed back home to get ready for dinner.

Dinner with friends at Buca was awesome as usual. We started with caesar salad and mozzarella garlic bread, and then ordered fettuccine alfredo, ravioli pomodoro, chicken parmesan, salmon with pesto, chicken carbonara and broccoli romano. Finished off the meal with coffee and the dessert sampler with a mini caramel-apple torte, a slice of double dark chocolate cake, a slice of cheesecake with raspberry sauce, and tirimisiu. Yum!

I thought I was going to sleep in on Saturday morning, but I was wide awake at like 8:45. So I got up and started the laundry, and then ran some errands - finally got around to dropping my black pumps off at a cobbler to have new heels put on them (only $12!!), went to the post office and to the bank to deposit stuff before we headed out to the Nusbaums' for the rest of the day.

Carly's party on Saturday was awesome as well. I brought the ice cream cake like my life depended on it, and it was super. We ended up not slicing into the two mini cakes, so Carly kept the VT cake and I took the JHU cake back home to enjoy later in the week. I did end up playing poker since they decided to do it tournament-style instead of a cash game, and Eric and I ended up splitting the pot. We were fairly evenly matched going into the heads-up game, and had some crazy hands - he had whittled me down some, and then I doubled up when my pocket aces beat his pair of kings. Then I whittled him down some, and then he doubled up when he hit his higher pair on the river. We didn't want to keep going back and forth all night, so we just decided to split the pot $20 each and call it an evening so we could go do other stuff (like foosball and karaoke).

We didn't get back until about 1:30, and still made it up at 8:45 to go to church on Sunday. We both took a nap after lunch, and then made a quick overnight jaunt down to my parents' place. We had left Fredericksburg around 4, and made it to just about two miles before the I-95 exit when Matt's tire went flat. So he put the donut tire on, and we drove over to the Pep Boys on Plank Road and had them replace the tire while we got something to eat at Arbys next door. When we finally got on I-95 around 5:30, Matt said "Okay Lord, cut us a break here" and as it turned out, the traffic was mostly mercifully light.

Back to work (and normalcy) tomorrow.


Eric said...

For some reason, I find it amusing that cobblers still exist. Anyway, glad you guys had fun on Saturday!

Courtney said...

They didn't call themselves a cobbler (I think it was a "shoe and luggage repair expert") but that's what it IS!