Saturday, May 30, 2009

Two things that caught my eye today

The first is a photo essay of sorts entitled "Working in Hell for $11 a Day." It depicts workers in Indonesia who mine sulfur from volcanoes and are happy for the opportunity to make about 8x of the daily farmers' working wage, despite the risks to their health and well-being. Makes you wonder what you'd do to increase your salary 8x?

The second is an article in response to the NIMBYs regarding the transfer of Guantanamo detainees - "There are already 355 terrorists in American prisons."


Yoga was good last night. Went to Let's Dish afterwards, then came home and did dishes and laundry. Went to volunteering today, and started working on a new book on pathophysiology. The chapter I read from today was about geriatric pharmacotherapy (if that means anything to you...) and it looks like the rest of the book should be very interesting. I'm frustrated by the markings though; apparently it had been started at a different studio before being sent to ours? They didn't even mark the end of each file!

Have been grumpy in regards to my computer lately - we had to replace the power supply about 2 months ago, but the connector doesn't seem to be very good and it's been flipping back and forth randomly between AC power and battery power until I jiggle the cord to make it stop for a while. The other problem is that the memory seems to be awfully clogged, and programs have started "hanging" an awful lot lately (I couldnt even play a youtube video last night). Matt is ordering me a RAM upgrade (512 MB --> 1 GB) that should take care of the second problem for about $50. Better than buying a new lappy anyways. We've had to spend so much money on the cars lately (tires mostly, and I have some expensive routine maintanence coming up within the next month or two) that I'm never going to be able to buy my new stove.

We decided to go to Sweetwater Tavern later tonight with Jim and Phil. I'm looking forward to a yummy roast chicken salad - mixed greens, corn, tomato, cranberries, dates, pine nuts, goat cheese and champagne vinaigrette. Perhaps some homemade root beer or another tasty libation as well!

It's June on Monday - wow. That means paycheck (allegedly with a stipend increase) and eight weeks til vacation! Also have my 10-year HS reunion and two cookouts so far next month.

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ccnusbaum said...

Weird. We went to Sweetwater last night too!!