Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Woah, I'm graduating in two days

Friends and family and Italian food, oh my! Have my ceremony Friday morning, then lunch, then going to the Baltimore Aquarium, then dinner with friends at Buca. Saturday is Carly's gigantic party, for which I am providing massive amounts of ice cream cake.

Seems like everyone has been too busy to blog lately - myself included. I've gone to a couple yoga classes and LOVED it. I'm actually quite sad I'm missing class this Friday. Matt and Sarah came up last weekend and we had an awesome time. Went to the movies (to see Angels and Demons), played a ton of games, Sarah and I went shopping, we all ate out at Noodles and Chevys and Maggie Moo's. Had an awesome dinner with Ted on Sunday.

I finally went to see an ophthalmologist. Despite the fact that I still can't spell it right on the first try. Got eye drops to use for a week, which should take me right through Thursday night and I will hopefully be all set for Super Mega Graduation Weekend!

I'm not sure if I was done blogging this post or not, but Roxie just came and laid down on my lap (pinning my left arm) so thus endeth the post.

(Update after Roxie left: [Belated] Congratulations Carly!! You are awesome and we're proud of you!)

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ccnusbaum said...

Hahaha you're crazy!! Can't wait for tomorrow!