Sunday, June 28, 2009

18 workdays til vacation!

We decided to count workdays because it makes it sound smaller - plus our non-workdays are always flying by anyways.

So until the beach, I have: 6 yoga classes, 6 trips to the gym, 4 bible studies, 2 volunteer sessions, 1 trip to SC, 2 budgeting sessions (one yay, one meh), 3 birthdays, 1 baseball game, and possibly 1 trip to mom and dad's (depending on when Daniel gets home). Whew!

Eric and Emily came over to hang out last night - we got takeout from CPK and played Puerto Rico (I lost). We had lunch with them at Chili's after church, which is where we had lunch with them the very first time shortly after they started coming to our church...sniff. Emily and I both managed not to cry :-) We'll see them in August when they're in DC for a conference, and we've already marked to calendar to go to WV in October.

I have quite a bit of leftovers for upcoming meals - pesto penne from CPK, and a mini burger and southwestern eggroll from Chili's.

Think I'll go read for a bit and then maybe do some sun salutations. I wanted to swim today, but it's cloudy and only 71 degrees. I'm trying to resist the call of the nap though!

(Update: I did read, and I did resist the nap. I did not, however, do any yoga because I spent over an hour trying to help Matt with some stupid puzzle in Myst that it turns out you have to cheat to solve.)

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Matt Silverthorn said...

Sorry about that. The mechanics of that puzzle were pretty stupid.